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Philip Tønnesen, MD, Dr Med Sci

Department of Sleep Medicine, Glostrup University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark

Philip TønnesenPhilip Tønnesen, MD, Dr Med Sci, is senior consultant at the Sleep Medicine Center in Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen. He was until December 2013 chair of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Gentofte University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark for alomost 20 years. Dr Tønnesen is a graduate of the University of Copenhagen, where he received both his MD and Dr Med Sci. Dr Tønnesen is a specialist in general medical diseases, allergology, and pulmonary medicine and a sleep medicine expert. He has worked at several clinical university departments at various hospitals throughout Copenhagen. Prior to assuming his position as Chair, Dr Tønnesen was Clinical Associate Professor at the University Medical School at Gentofte Hospital.

Dr Tønnesen has had more than 80 articles published in Danish and international journals. He has also been a referee for several international journals. Dr Tønnesen has conducted several clinical trials on smoking cessation with different drugs according to Food and Drug Administration rules and Good Clinical Practice guidelines. He has also conducted studies in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep apnea. He has also been a speaker at several international conferences regarding smoking cessation.